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Current Mail Order Users

is our prescription drug mail order service.

If you’ve used Catamaran Home Delivery before as a member of Optima Health, you can register on mycatamaranrx.com to order refills online or check prescription status online.

To start a new prescription download the Catamaran mail order form.  

To manage your prescription online, you will need to register separately on mycatamaranrx.com even if you have already registered on optimahealth.com. Register on mycatamaranrx.com

To reach Catamaran Customer Service, call 1-866-244-9113.

Catamaran Home Delivery frequent asked questions

New Mail Order Users

Why Mail Order?

Mail order is a more convenient, more cost-effective way to get maintenance prescription drugs. You can get a three-month prescription for the cost of two copays, and you have the added convenience of home delivery. 

Mail order is typically used for maintenance medications that help treat chronic, long-term health conditions including:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Cholesterol
  • Thyroid
  • Menopause

Getting Started

If this is a new medication, or if you are a new health plan member, have your prescription filled at a retail pharmacy before using mail order.  (Note:  you will still need to do this step even if you have used mail order before with another insurance carrier).  This will:

  • Ensure that you can safely tolerate the medication.
  • Determine the appropriate copayment tier and pre-authorizations.
  • After you have safely tolerated the medication and have determined what your monthly copayment will be by having the prescription filled at a retail pharmacy, you can move to mail order. 

First Time Users

Here are the steps to take:

  • For your first order, complete and send in the Catamaran Mail Order Form.  
  • For faster service, you can call Catamaran Customer Care at  1-866-244-9113.  
  • After Catamaran receives the order, you should receive your medication within 14 days.  Prior to future refill requests, we recommend that you keep a two-week supply on hand to allow for unforeseen delays in shipping.  
  • If you need to confirm the status for you mail order prescription, contact Catamaran at 1-866-244-9113.

Placing an Order

If you’ve used Catamaran Home Delivery before as a member of Optima Health, you can:

Order refills online and check prescription status at mycatamaranrx.com or you may call Customer Service at 1-866-244-9113.


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